Chatinbox supports Telegram bots. Also you can use Public and Private Telegram channels.

Telegram Bots

Please follow these steps to integrate Telegram bots and channels.
  1. 1.
    Search for BotFather in Telegram. Make sure you are connected to right chat. Correct bot has a verified blue check.
Correct bot has a blue tick
2. Type /newbot and press enter
3. Give your bot a name
4. Give your bot a username
5. Now Telegram will display your bot's link and a TOKEN. Select and Copy this token.
6. Click on your Bot's link and send a message to your bot.
7. Go to Chatinbox Settings > Accounts
8. Click on Add New Account button.
9. Select Telegram from the list and give a name for your Telegram account
10. Click on Generate Telegram Token icon.
11. Paste your Telegram token (you copied in step 5)
12. Now, in My Chats page. You will see your new created Telegram account.
13. You should see your message (from step 6) in messages.
You are now succesfully created a new bot and connect it to Chatinbox.
Please share your bot's link (step 5) with your customers. Tell them to press START to start a chat with you.

Telegram Channels

You can utilize Telegram Channels in Chatinbox.
All you need to do is
  • Add your bot to your channel as ADMIN.
  • Send a message
Thats it!
You will see channels in My chats page.