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Agent Dashboard

Agent dashboard shows statictics about the current logged in user.
You may see 3 different tabs. 2 of them are optional and depend on the license you have.

Agent Dashboard

Displays summary report and KPI's for the user.

Account(s) to display.

Channels dropbox (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM or Telegram) displays all the channels that user has permission to see.
Default setting is All Channels.

Date for the summary.

Default date is Today.
Middle section has 4 cards.
  • Total customers and new customers.
  • Total messages and total incoming messages
  • Pending reminders (tasks) and total reminders
  • Chat start percentage


The chart displays all the information (with channel and date filters) with a line chart.
This chart has 5 different modes. Hours, Days, Weekdays, Weeks and Months). Default is Hours.
You can click on labels on upper-left to change mode. For example if you click on days, it will display like this.
Also you can add or remove lines from the chart. Just click on legend.

Agent Conversation Report

Chatinbox has a feature for Call Centers.
You can import your phone list(s) and assign to agents for phone calls or chats. This page is for reporting all the calls for the current user.
If you dont see this Call Center reporting tab, and you want to use these features please contact us.

Agent Settings

To enable this tab, you need to give Can Manage Channels permission.
Some scenarios includes that agents need to manage their own channels. But managers dont want to give all the settings page for channel management.
So you can give your agent to manage their own channels.