Closing (and Opening) Chats

When you finished chatting with the customer, you should close it. This will save a lot of time, especially in multi-user environment.
When a chat is open, that means that your customer's question has not been answered or your issue has not been resolved. You can see a "red bar" at the left of open chats.
Mr. Connery's chat is still open
When a chat (you may think as ticket) is closed, that means that you or your team has resolved your customer's issue or question and will no longer need to be contacting again.
  • All messages in chat mark as read and unread message sign is dissapears.
  • Transfer sign disappears.
  • Offline sign disappears.
  • "Open chat" red bar indicator disappears.
If your chat is closed, but you don't feel we have resolved your issue, you can re-open the chat by sending a message to customer. Also chat will automatically open when your customer sends a message.
You can see and report all statistics with "Chat Status Report" in Performance Report.