Custom Fields

Store more information about your customers.
Sometimes name, email and notes are not enough about a customer status. You can use our Custom Fields for additonal information.

Enabling / Disabling Custom Fields

There are 10 different custom fields to use and, all custom fields are disabled by default. You can enable them from Settings page.
Custom Fields
To enable or disable a field, simply click the switch on left of the field name.
Enable / Disable a Custom Field

Renaming a Custom Field

To rename a custom field, click the pen icon on right of the field.
Rename a Custom Field
Give a name and click Save.
Editing a custom Fields Name

Custom Field Types

There are 3 different "information entering" style.
  • Text Agents can enter customer information as free text. - Comments, address, order notes, personal preferences etc.
  • Single Choice Agent must select a choice. - Shoe size, age, blood type, gender etc.
  • Multiple Choice Agents can select more than one. - Hobbies, favorite colors etc.

Add / Remove Choices to a Custom Field

Select Single Choice or Multiple Choice to enter choices..
Custom Field Information Entering Styles
To add a new choice, simply type in text box and click Save button or press Enter.
Entering Choices
To remove a choice, hover over the choice and press Delete button.
Deleting a Choice

Entering the Information

Agents can see enabled Custom Fields in Customer Profile column in My Chats Page.
Since this Custom Field (Shoe Size) is single selection, agent can select only one choice.
Single Choice
To select multiple choices, you need Multiple Selection type.
Multiple Choice
To enter free text, select text as style