Customer Profile

Knowing the Customer

When you receive a new question or request from a new customer, its good practice to ask name first.
You can save the name of the customer in Chat Inbox profile and you wont need to ask the customer's name again.
In Chat Inbox customer profile, you can save these information;
  • Name
  • Email
  • Label(s)
  • WhatsApp name (the name that your customer used when registering to WhatsApp)
  • Note(s)
  • Reminder(s)
You can also see more information from the integrations.
You can see detailed information about for Shopify or for Zoho CRM integration.

Add or Change Information About Customer

You can find all information about the customer in profile column.
Customer Profile Column

Name and Email

To add or change name and email fields just click on field, type the information and press ENTER.
Customer's WhatsApp name, Phone and Agent names are automatically populated.


To add new labels to customer, use labels button on header.
Adding and Removing Labels
For more information using Labels please click Using Labels.


Users can add notes to customer. All the notes will be listed under Notes section.
You can add new notes clicking the "+ New Note" link.
Adding a New Note
To change or delete notes, hover your note and click "edit" or "delete" buttons.
You can only change or delete your notes. Users can see but can not edit others user's notes.