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Using Labels

To categorize and filter your customers, label them.
Labels allow you to categorize contacts into different groups based on their relationship with you and your store. For example, some contacts may be customers whereas others may be your partners.
Also you can use labels to filter your Customers in My Chats page.

Creating and Managing Labels

When you login Chat Inbox for the first time, the label list has some ready-made labels for you to use.
Ready-made labels;
  • VIP
  • Domestic
  • Foreign
  • Wholesale
  • Wrong Shipment
  • Exchange/return
  • Delivered
You are free to change or delete them as you need.

Create a New Label

Labels are created in Settings > General Settings section.
Managing Labels
To create a new label
  • Type the desired name in label name box.
  • Select a color for the label
  • Press ENTER or click SAVE button.

Change a Label Text or Color

To change a label;
  • Click on label to edit
  • Change color or text
  • Press ENTER or click SAVE button.

Delete a Label

If you are no longer need a label;
  • Put your mouse over label, you will see a red trashcan icon on left.
  • Press Red Trashcan icon to delete.
Please note that, you can not bring back a deleted label.
When you delete a label, all customers with this label will be cleared from that label.