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Adding Chat Button to Your Shopify Store

Add a button for easy communication.

What is a Chat Button?

A chat button is a direct communication channel with your store's visitor and your team.
Customers can confuse sometimes or need to ask for more information about your products and services. When this happens this chat button comes to play.
Using WhatsApp for chat operations is more flexible for visitors. Since WhatsApp is almost pre-installed on every smart phone -and nearly replaces sms and email sometimes- its easier to give a familiar channel to your customers is a good idea.
WhatsApp Chat Button is Enabled in Shopify Store
You can;
  • Add Your Own WhatsApp number
  • Give a "Ready-Made First Message" When a Customer Clicks to Button
  • Show / Hide Chat Button
  • Appear in Left or Right of Your Store
  • Select From 7 Premium Styles
  • Change Color
  • Pulse Effect
  • Show / Hide Speech Bubble
  • Enable / Disable Notification Sound
  • Change the Browser Title
  • AND Publish Your Button to Shopify Store with 1-Click

WhatsApp Number and First Message

When you first login to Chat Inbox you will be in Admin Dashboard with onboarding links.
Admin Dashboard with Onboard Links
Click Chat Button Settings to start configuring your button. Or you can click on Settings menu > Chat Button page.
Chat Button Configuration
  1. 1.
    Click on Add WhatsApp Number button to enter WhatsApp number to chat with your customers.
  2. 2.
    You can accept or change First Whatsapp Message Body.
  3. 3.
    Click Save button.

Chat Button Design

You can change your buttons color and alignment to match your store's design.
  • Button Position: You can make your button appear at left or right. Default alignment is right.
  • Button Style: Select one of the premium chat button designs. There are 7 different styles to choose from. Default is Style 1.
  • Button Color: You can select a color that match your store's colors.
  • Notification Number: You can catch the visitors attention by showing a "new message norification". Default is ON.
Notification Number
  • Pulse Effect: To catch more attention, you can add a "pulse effect" to you chat button. Default is OFF.
  • Speech Bubble (Callout Card): After 2 seconds later this "popup" will display your message to store's visitor to call for a chat. Default is ON.
Speech Bubble is ON
  • You can also make a notification sound. Be aware that sound option may not work on some browsers and depends on visitors privacy settings. Default is ON.
  • Change Browser Title: Get attention by changing the browser's title. Default is ON.

Enable Your Chat Button on Your Store

After you are happy with the design of your chat button, you can start display it on your store and receive mesages from your customers.
  1. 1.
    Enable your button.
Enable / Disable Your Shopify Chat Button
2. Publish it to Shopify.
Publish to Shopify Store
3. Check your store. If appearance is not make you happy, change design, Save and check your store again.