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Automate Messages

with Workflow Rules
You can send automatic messages (through Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or Telegram channells) for your actions in modules using workflow rules feature in Zoho CRM.
DO NOT use this feature for sending bulk messages. It may suspend and block your account in Whatsapp and/or in Chatinbox.
Please make sure the channels you trying to use are active.
To create your Workflow Rule;
  • Go to Settings > Workflow Rules under AUTOMATION in Zoho CRM.
  • Click on Create Rule button
  • Select your module to automate
  • Give a rule name and click Next
Select your preferences and click Next
Sample record ection selection
Select which accounts to apply this rule and click Next
3. Click New Webhook button
4. Give your new webhook a name. Copy this text to URL to Notify field.
Do not change this text. This is static.
Also; select Method as POST.
5. Click on Add Parameter under Custom Parameter.
Enter this text
Parameter Name: X-CIB-SecretKey
Parameter Value: Your API key (You can get it from Chatinbox > Settings > API page)
6. Select Raw as Type and JSON as Format. Also insert this text iside Body field.
{ "instanceID": "10", "userKey":"${Users.Email}", "chatPhoneNumber": "${Leads.Mobile}", "messageType": 1, "messageText": "Dear ${Leads.First Name} ${Leads.Last Name}, your email address has been changed. Your new email address: ${Leads.Email}", "fileurl":"", "filename":"", "Incom":4 }
This example is sending a Whatsapp Message to the Lead's Mobile phone.
instanceID: Channel ID. To get your channel id, please go to Chatinbox > Settings > Accounts page.
userKey: UserId of the Zoho user. Usually its the emailaddress of Zoho User. Messages will be shown as sent as this user in Chatinbox.
messageType: 1 for text message, 2 for sending images.
fileurl: URL of the image. If messageType is 2, this field is required.
filename: Name of the image. If messageType is 2, this field is required.